CXV Global

CXV Global

CXV Global delivers technology leading solutions in the areas of automation, machine vision, robotics serialisation, digitisation and resourcing to high end R&D and Manufacturing sites.

Customers trust CXV Global to work in close partnership with their multinational R&D and manufacturing teams to deploy innovative technology solutions that meet their operational and supply chain goals in a highly responsive and commercially measurable way.

This enables our customers to meet the global demands for their products in an operationally streamlined, quality and compliant way.


Core Capabilities

Manufacturing Automation

  • Packaging Line Automation
  • ¬†OEE/Line Efficiency


  • Serialisation and aggregation software modules and solutions

Digitalisation of R&D and Manufacturing

  • Extended Reality (XR) Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Machine and Deep Learning
  • Big Data and Unified Analytics
  • Biometric Access Control
  • Digital Work Instructions
  • Advanced Robotics/Cobots
  • Line Clearance
  • Virtualisation
  • SmartFactory tm

Core Capabilities

R&D Automation

  • Data management and Integration
  • Laboratory and Clinical Environments

Machine Vision & Robotics

  • Vision Products and Application
  • 3D Vision Solutions
  • Leading Vision Partners
  • Vision Products
  • Robotics

Professional & Managed Services

  • Training and Development Solutions
  • Managed Service Provision
  • Project Resourcing
  • Service Level Agreements
  • On-Site Engineering