Digital Integration

Digital Integration

Picomto Digital Work Instruction platform is not only an enterprise-grade GMP-compliant platform that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise as required. It is a fully integrateable system that can (and has) be included as part of a broader enterprise architecture strategy.

The Open REST API ensures an industry-leading approach to integrations, whether collecting data in Picomto during work order processing for subsequent analysis, or delivery of data from other enterprise systems into Picomto for review and decision-making during the carrying out of the DWI in real-time.


Integration with MES, ERP, LMS, IoT and many other systems have already been completed successfully for many customers – global leaders in their sector such as Siemens Mindsphere, SAP, Emerson Syncade are just some of the existing solutions that have been deployed.

In addition to these integrations, the data collection and analysis capabilities of Picomto should not be underestimated. By providing the end-user with the capability to have relevant real-time data served-up to their screen while carrying out their activities, we allow for much more accurate decision-making. In addition to this, the real-time data collection capability ensures that for process analysis and CAPA review, the audit trail and database will provide very specific data to enable correct and timely decisions to be made by the business.