Our customers have selected Connect Academy to solve some real-world problems in their production environments. In each case, we have been able to bring our experience of other deployments and use cases to bear, to ensure that we can share industry learnings with our customers, while keeping specific information confidential. Each use case outlined here can also be combined with other solutions to form part of an integrated Digital Transformation strategy programme.

Use Cases

Learn About GMP

Learnaboutgmp is being used by a global biotechnology company for some specific content within their GMP compliance training area and for onboarding new hires to the company.

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Digital Work Instructions

Following an extensive global tender process, a global pharmaceutical multinational selected Connect Academy / Picomto as the partner for their Connected Worker programme.

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Digital Integration

Picomto Digital Work Instruction platform is not only an enterprise-grade GMP-compliant platform that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise as required.

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Remote Expert

Our “Remote Expert” solution has been rolled out in a global pharmaceutical multinational across initially 6 sites, in 3 countries and two continents in multiple languages.

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